Half Zip Fishermans Knit Jumper
Half Zip Fishermans Knit Jumper
Half Zip Fishermans Knit Jumper

Half Zip Fishermans Knit Jumper

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100% Australian Owned, Made & Grown
Humane Certified and is Fibre Collective Certified.

Introducing our most popular men's jumper, now featuring a stylish half zipper. This beautiful piece showcases a delightful blend of bluegum and magnolia yarns, offering a luxurious and irresistibly soft texture.

Designed with versatility in mind, this jumper will quickly become your go-to choice, whether you're attending business meetings, on the farm or enjoying leisurely pursuits. Its midweight construction ensures effortless wear, allowing you to stay comfortably stylish and warm throughout the day.

From the very beginning, our fleece undergoes a meticulous process. Combed in Baccus Marsh, Victoria, and spun in Wangaratta, Victoria, it is then expertly knitted by the talented team at Geccu in Melbourne, Victoria. Each step of the journey is infused with exceptional craftsmanship and a steadfast dedication to delivering the highest quality product.

 Experience the luxury and comfort with the softness of the fleece, crafted with integrity and care. All wool comes from Coonong Station, where quality and sustainability are paramount to our business.



    Coonong Station is the only wool producer in Australia to be Certified Humane and is also accredited by the Responsible Wool Certification (RWS), a European certification body that provides the highest welfare standards for sheep and wool.
    As our business grew, we were looking for partners who could help take our dreams and ideas and make them a reality.

    For more information on the Humane Certified & RWS Certification head to: https://certifiedhumane.org/ and https://textileexchange.org/standards/responsible-wool/.

    Our Goal

    Our Goal Is To Produce The Most Natural Product Presenting The True Characteristics Of Wool Straight From Our Sheep.



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