Pure Merino Swaddle
Pure Merino Swaddle
Pure Merino Swaddle

Pure Merino Swaddle

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100% Australian Owned & Grown
Humane Certified

The only Humane Certified Australian Wool Swaddle on the market.
These swaddles were designed to be the ideal swaddle for your baby.
Large in size with plenty of give for a firm swaddling technique for your baby.
  • Australian Grown
  • 100% Natural
  • No acids or chemicals
  • Size: 1008mm x 1140mm

XINAO Textiles have been supporters of Coonong Station wool for years now, recognising the quality and uniqueness of our product and choosing to use it in their own production. They are industry leaders, and work at elevating the benchmark for beautiful wool products.
XINAO is RWS certified along their whole supply chain - their dedication to the sourcing of ethically raised wool is incredible, and we are so proud to be working with them in our new venture.




Coonong Station is the only wool producer in Australia to be Certified Humane and is also accredited by the Responsible Wool Certification (RWS), a European certification body that provides the highest welfare standards for sheep and wool.
As our business grew, we were looking for partners who could help take our dreams and ideas and make them a reality.

For more information on the Humane Certified & RWS Certification head to: https://certifiedhumane.org/ and https://textileexchange.org/standards/responsible-wool/.

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Our Goal

Our Goal Is To Produce The Most Natural Product Presenting The True Characteristics Of Wool Straight From Our Sheep.



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